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Who Cares about Clothes in a Snowstorm?

My first thoughts when walking into up a mountain slope in Skyrim where something along the lines of “All that wind and snow, it surely must be cold up here.” Pretty immersive to be sure. Nils, on the other hand, wondered why people weren’t wearing appropriate clothes for the cold, having his immersion broken in […]

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Hide those Numbers

I’m long done with Fable III (or done-ish, since I still mean to do a couple of post game things, such as marrying some random villager. The same way I still mean to finish Fallout: New Vegas, Portal 2, and other games that I simply fail to pick up again after a break of some […]

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My Curious Interest in Fable III

My interest in Fable III was really low when it came out. I didn’t really enjoy the first game in the series and this one had quite low review scores all across the board. So I decided to skip it and kept that decision up until the last weekend when the game was on sale […]

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Do You Really Want to Lose 50% of the Time?

I’ve before and about how Sid Meier stated that players want to feel that they are winning. I agree with him, but apparently Tobold doesn’t, calling for a 50:50 win/loss ratio not only in PvP but in PvE as well. What does losing really mean though?

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Quickie: Nope

Spinks asks us whether we play evil characters in RPGs and the title of this post is my short answer to that. My long one is here, a post from the aftermath of Dragon Age: Origins’ release in 2009. It details why I’m almost physically unable to play the bad guy in immersive games. I […]

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Emotional Range of a Teaspoon

Shortly after I started playing Fallout: New Vegas (which I still haven’t finished, but that’s a story for another day), my character got into a situation in which she had to rally some villagers to defend their village against an attack of the evil Powder Gangers. One of the villagers was quite a friendly young […]

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Dissecting Awful MMO Mechanics – Part 3

Welcome back to the third post of me hijacking Keen’s series on “Old MMO Mechanics I Love and You Probably Hate” where I tell you that I do, In fact, hate those mechanics but where I also see whether there’s anything salvageable in them. Unlike , most of today’s mechanics really are awful!

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Dissecting Awful MMO Mechanics – Part 2

This is part two of my three part series dealing with awful MMO mechanics. If you missed the first part, . Today I’ll talk about the mechanics mentioned by Keen in the second part of his own series in which he views them in a very positive light. Today’s mechanics actually aren’t as awful as […]

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Dissecting Awful MMO Mechanics – Part 1

Keen over at Keen & Graev recently wrote a series of posts called “Old MMO Mechanics I Love and You Probably Hate” in which he is right about pretty much one thing – that I find those mechanics to be terrible game design. Spawn camping, trains to zone, and being lost at sea for hours […]

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Playing Single

I love MMOs. I greatly enjoy working together with other people to either beat a mighty computer controlled opponent or another (team of) players. I love the feeling of persistence and accomplishing something that will last and can be witnessed by my peers – even though I know the distinction between virtual accomplishments and real […]

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