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Indie Spotlight: Dungeons of Dredmor

Inconsequentia, Goddess of Sidequests tasked me with slaying the Drinker of Mechanisms the other day. I fought my way through a slew of Diggles and Deths [sic] more by courtesy of my sparkly vampire powers than my rusty sword but then I succumbed to the powers of said Drinker of Mechanisms. Permanently.

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Indie Spotlight: The Humble Bundle

I’m a sucker for digital distribution deals, indie games, and innovative sales models. I’m pleased to introduce to you a package that includes all these for an absolutely unbeatable price: Whatever you want. That’s right, over at there’s a week long deal on a five game bundle that you can get for a price […]

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Indie Spotlight: Auditorium

Normally, I focus on AAA titles on this blog, simply because they take the biggest chunk of my gaming time. I don’t just play those, however, and from time to time I get my hands on a nice indie title or two. Indie games are interesting not only because they tend to be cheap, but […]

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Quickie: Indie Games, Yay?

Totalbiscuit made me aware of a bundle sale yesterday that I apparently want, nay need. offers a limited time sale of six (allegedly) award-winning indie games for only $20 until Friday at noon. I loved World of Goo and have appreciated some other more or less indie titles, so I thought I’d snag the thing up. […]

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