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The Illusion of Choice

It’s no secret among people interested in game design that pretty much impossible to create a fully interactive, complete, and extensive narration tree. Ideally, every decision a player takes in a game would influence the rest of the game and the decisions following it. In reality though, such a tree quickly becomes completely impossible to […]

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Interactivity in Board Games

I used to love board games, but these days I find myself more and more bored with them. There is – in my eyes – a huge design flaw with the majority of board games available to us that almost never appears in computer games. You see, I consider board games to be a way […]

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God of War III – A Game?

I’m currently trying to get a grant for my dissertation which would deal with the question of how to measure meaningful decisions in games and how those actually impact the fun had by players. Many a game designer has been preaching the importance of meaningful decisions, as have I, yet one of the best reviewed […]

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Interactive MMORPG Combat

Tobold just posted on how the game of poker can be used to design a new, more interactive combat system for MMORPGs. When I first saw the title, I assumed that he refers to elements like bluffing and player interaction in general. Apparently I was wrong, he actually talks mostly about the randomness that a […]

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