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More on Legendaries

I was when I first encountered it. Things have not improved since. For one, I can’t throw a stone in Moria without hitting an orc that’s carrying a legendary item for me to pick up. (Once I’ve dealt with the angry mob of course. For some reason, throwing stones in Moria or even jumping into […]

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On Sets

Collecting sets of items has a certain undeniable appeal to gamers. Whether you are collecting artifacts in Rift or trying to complete the latest tier set in WoW, there is a compelling quality to the system that makes you want to keep collecting. This is good in so far as it keeps players interested in […]

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Morality Gear

So there’s going to be alignment-bound gear in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as ability that are unlocked depending on your alignment. In a single-player game I’d be absolutely fine with that, I’d even applaud it. (Though, frankly, there is often too little in the form of rewards for people who choose to […]

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Screw Badges

Keen is extremely happy about the way that Star Wars: The Old Republic will get rid of “loot frustration” through their loot container system (working title). Those will essentially be a combination of Diablo III’s individual loot (everyone gets their own container) with World of Warcraft’s badge system. Sometimes you get an item from the […]

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Quite Sick of Stats as Well

Syp is sick of stats. That is fine, it is his choice and at least Blizzard (and thereby most other MMO companies) agree.  In fact, I’m quite sick of stats as well but not for the reasons he is. You see, I enjoy some spreadsheeting in my MMOs. The thing with modern stats is that […]

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Quote of the Day

“I don’t know about you, but when I get a “Potion of Being Amazing For 3 Minutes”, I hoard that sucker forever.” – Eric at Elder Game

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My Irrational Love for Trading Card Games

I used to play in a lot of Magic: The Gathering tournaments back in the day and still enjoy the game even though I never get to play with real cards anymore and only rarely get to get my fix on in Magic Online. It seems utterly irrational to love a competitive game with so […]

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We Need to be Able to Make Mistakes

Blizzard poster Eyonix wrote about the stat changes in World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Cataclysm the other day. The blogging response has mostly been positive so far, Hatch highlights some good changes and Tobold tells us how the removal of defense is a good thing. Alas, Tobold uses an absolutely horrid analogy to make his […]

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Itemization 3.3: A New Hope (?)

Lately I’ve had a couple of people whispering me in helpful hints World of Warcraft on how I had forgotten to put my healing gear on. You see, my shaman is wearing two pieces of elemental tier nine gear in her healing set and her cloak has hit on it. This is far from uncommon […]

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10 Bad Things About Torchlight

As promised, here are ten things that are bad about Torchlight. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy playing the game or that I wouldn’t recommend buying it. The purpose of this post is to find things that could be done better in the future. It also concludes my mini-review of Torchlight that isn’t really […]

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