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Quote of the Day

“Forget the leveling game with its different expectations… what if you started out by raiding and just always raided?” – Tesh, via Stabbed Up A post on this excellent question by Tesh might be forthcoming.

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On Efficiency in Raids

There’s a post by our favourite Blizzard-employed crab out there in which the Ghostcrawler talks about the playerbase’s obsession with efficiency and min-maxing. Larísa has a strong post on the topic as well, and the discussion in the comments is huge and well worth a read. Faithful readers will already know that I’m an avid […]

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WotLK Raiding: The Shortcut To Boredom

I’ve always been opposed to Blizzard’s raid design philosophy in Wrath of the Lich King which allows players to jump into the top-end raid dungeon without ever touching the previous ones. This is accomplished by making gear equivalent to what you could get in the previous dungeon so easy to get that there is absolutely […]

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Cataclysm Raid Improvements

I have to spontaneously leave for a few days and, professional as I am I don’t have a post prepared for Wednesday yet. Luckily, Blizzard comes to my rescue with a pretty nice announcement about raiding in World of Warcraft’s next expansion Cataclysm. Now, I’m still not convinced I’ll come back to WoW for Cataclysm, […]

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A Post About WoW

So I’ve been asked by a (former?) guild mate of mine to post more about World of Warcraft, which is hard for me to do since I’m not playing the game anymore. I won’t bore you with all my complaints about the game, but I thought it might be interesting to write about what would […]

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On Oldschool Raiding

A week ago Rohan, from Blessing of Kings, asked whether Blackwing Lair was boring and has stirred a couple of responses about oldschool World of Warcraft raiding.  Keen claims that we should get 40 men raids back, and Spinks wants to grind for resistance gear again. Blackwing Lair was, in fact, boring compared to modern raids […]

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Re: Rise of the Leet King

Tobold threw down the gauntlet and asked for posts concerning his Rise of the Leet King challenge. Obviously, I’ll oblige. Tobold wants to know what exactly people mean when they say that World of Warcraft should be harder and gives some pretty bad examples of how that could be achieved. For this post I’ll focus […]

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Telling Stories

Spinks posted an article yesterday dealing with player rewards vs character rewards. While interesting in itself, it caused me to think about something only remotely connected – the ability to tell stories about our game experience. Back when I was running the Magic – The Gathering tournament circuit, (Not very successfully, mind you. I only won cash once.) the […]

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Kudos, Blizzard – Or Was it a Mistake?

I have complained over and over again about how easy raid content in World of Warcraft has become and how I disliked the notion that every player should be able to see all of the content. I also complained about the roll-out scheme for WoW’s newest raid instance Icecrown Citadel and mentioned that all decent […]

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Better Raids through Command Structures

Beating a new raid boss encounter in WoW – and every other MMO I’ve seen so far – is a three step process. First you have to research the encounter and find out how it actually works, then you have to turn this information into a battle plan, and finally you need to execute that […]

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