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Numbers! Seconded

Klepsacovic demands numbers and I’ll absolutely second that motion. It is rare for MMO companies to even give us something as simple as subscriber numbers, let alone detailed statistics on player behavior. Some of that could be derived from games like World of Warcraft through the use of mods or parsing the armory at least, […]

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Do we Need more Video Game Research?

Reading this interview with Peter Molyneux over at Gamasutra got me thinking. Do we need public research on game design? Oftentimes products, including software, are not created in the depths of some secret company laboratory. Instead, the underlying principles are developed in research facilities with little or no commercial application in mind. The gyroscope in […]

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The Case for Game Analysts

Many people will complain about the lack of innovation in game development these days – and rightly so. How can it be that new MMOs keep on making the same mistakes that have been made a million times in the past? How can it be that there are so many people with great game design […]

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