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Ten Bad Things About Starcraft II

This is going to be a rough one people. I’ll have to come up with ten bad design decisions for a game I love and have been promoting for a while now. As usual these points will be in no specific order and incomplete. The ten good things will be up on Monday and I’m […]

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Separating Single- and Multi-player in Starcraft II

I’m knee deep in the Starcraft II campaign and greatly enjoying it even though I’m not at home and my laptop is not taking the engine well at all. You are not getting a review from me just yet because I haven’t finished the whole thing, but I’ll take this time to talk about Blizzard’s […]

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Quickie: If You Still Needed a Reason to Buy Starcraft II

Blizzard has been good with cinematics in the last couple of years, but this is simply amazing. I’d watch that movie if there was one 😉 [Here’s the link for those who can’t see the embed: click me]

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Why You Should Buy Starcraft 2

In little more than a week, Starcraft 2 will hit the shelves and I hear not all of you plan on buying it yet. Spinks thinks the game is too hard to get into for an real-time strategy newbie while other players don’t enjoy the competive aspect all that much. Bollocks I say (and will […]

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No Starcraft for a Month?

Apparently the Starcraft II beta will take an extended break for „several weeks“ before becoming available again shortly before the game launches. Aside from the fact that that will make many players (including me) unhappy, I have to wonder why Blizzard would do this. Sure, they might have gotten all the feedback they want for […]

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Facebook… Should I Be Surprised?

So Starcraft II (and with it, I assume, all 2.0 games) is getting Facebook integration. That’s right, Blizzard doesn’t have the development resources to give us public chat channels or cross-region play but the game will integrate neatly with Facebook. What’s the point and where does this lead us?

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Actions Per Minute

With the evolution from turn-based to real-time strategy games, a new gameplay element was introduced. No longer was success only a matter of making the right decisions but also of making the right decisions fast. RTS gamers these days are in fact often ranked by their APM – their actions per minute. Clicking fast gives […]

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To Collect or Not To Collect

I’ll admit it, I own all three  Collector’s Editions for World of Warcraft and the one for Lord of the Rings Online; I even have the digital ones for Aion and Star Trek Online. I can’t honestly say that I got my money’s worth out of any of those. STO and Aion I just didn’t […]

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In Praise of the Transparent Beta

The Starcraft II beta has been here for a while (and has taken a lot of my gaming time since then) but I realized that I never talked about the one amazing feature it has. No, I’m not talking about the fact that it already feels like a mostly completed game – much unlike many […]

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A Tale of Two Gamers

I met two gamers recently whose attitude towards gaming I don’t really understand. One I met at a friends house who had people over to play some Magic the Gathering. Me, I’m retired from that game and really only play it at occasions like those, but I still try my best to win as many […]

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