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Making Matches

The people at Blizzard are the kings of april fools jokes and didn’t disappoint this year either. Their joke about the E.P.E.E.N. meter for World of Warcraft was well placed and equally well executed. One thing caught my eye though and that was their description of how the system allowed you to only play with players at […]

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Quickie: Skiing & Starcraft II

I’ll be pretty much offline from tomorrow on, spending a week on skiing instead. I have regular posts lined up for you, so by all means drop in and read. I won’t be able to respond to discussion though, and some of the posts may feel a bit dated since they were written last week. […]

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Quickie: Linkage

Today’s quickie is all about links. For one, there’s an excellent post by Cinderhelm over at tankspot concerning the future of World of Warcraft raiding with a few interesting game design insights. It’s a forum post, but it’s long enough to be a three-parter on this blog. You don’t have enough to read or maybe […]

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Blizzcon Dissected – Part 3: Martial Arts and Caprica Six

As promised, here’s part three of my Blizzcon Dissected series. This part will deal with the upcoming games Diablo III and Starcraft II. Sorry WoW fans, go reread parts one and two instead. I will start out with Diablo as the new information on Starcraft is somewhat sparse. If you only care about Starcraft, click […]

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