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Summer Sales

Steam sales are awesome, right? You get to buy all those games you always wanted to own but never had the money to buy. Even when you have sufficient disposable income, a sale might entice you to try out a game you wouldn’t have considered buying at full price. I certainly have fallen victim to […]

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Digital Distribution Prices

I used to buy a lot of games on steam and I still sometimes do when there is a deal on or I’m interested in a game that I can only get on Steam. I like Steam and the possibility of re-downloading and installing my games anywhere without issues. I like Steam Cloud and all […]

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Quickie: Curse You Steam

So I picked up Borderlands on Sunday through Steam because it was 25% off – enough of a deal to lure me into a purchase. Guess what, today it’s 66% off instead. That’s €12 I’ll never see again. I think Steam (or the companies selling through it) are profiting from people like me quite a […]

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Cross-Platform Games

Steam came to the Mac the other week and ever since I see ads on Steam boasting that when you buy a game you get to play it on both your Mac and your PC. Now, I don’t own a Mac nor do I want to, but I have a PS3 next door and have […]

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End of Year Reads

I’ll admit it, I haven’t really thought about games in days and likely won’t anymore this year. If I don’t think, I don’t come up with content and you don’t get stuff to read from me. Luckily, there’s a lot more to read out there. Here are some things that might interest you.

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Christmas Fillings

I don’t really have time for a serious post today – and to be honest, you should be out getting presents or decorating trees or whatnot as well. I handed in the thesis for my master’s degree today, so you can expect some more focus on the blog after the holidays. (And after I’ve finished […]

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Friday Filler #5: Savings, savings, savings [Updated]

I have to be at the dentist’s (ugh) in half an hour and still I’m here writing this post for you because time is somewhat essential. As usual, the friday post will be short – today we have a collection of games you should try right now because they are cheaply available in one form […]

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