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Quickie: TOR Gameplay

I found this link to an hour and 30 minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic gamplay footage over at Kotaku. It doesn’t look bad as such, but it does look remarkably like the standard MMORPG menu we are used to by now. All the things we’ve learned about storytelling in the game don’t really […]

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PvP Inspired by WAR? Yes Please!

I’ve been quit ambiguous (to put it nicely) about Bioware’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, but these news about the PvP system actually sound quite good. What I love most about the system is that tanks get an actual role in PvP, just like they have (had) in Warhammer Online. Keen somehow thinks that taking a page out of […]

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The other day, Bioware posted some information about flashpoints – their take on dungeons. Flashpoints are sets of instanced group content which is apparently highly scripted and non-linear. Your decisions – if we can believe Bioware – will have impact on the development of the story within the flashpoint instance, as well as the enemies […]

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Automated Crafting

There’s been a leak of some information regarding the crafting in The Old Republic this weekend. Not a lot and I can’t really confirm or deny it right now as I’m writing this post on a train with only sporadic internet connection. It doesn’t matter though whether the crafting system will really be as automated […]

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Quickie: Dear Bioware, Please Let This Not Be It

There’s an interview with a developer of Bioware’s upcoming MMORPG The Old Republic over at G4, with a live group combat demonstration in part 2. To be quite frank, it looks awful. The healer is simply hitting the game’s equivalent of “Greater Heal” every few seconds while the tank seems to mostly sit still, shooting […]

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Stories In Games – Where Should They Come From?

Storytelling in games has always been a difficult beast to tackle. Oftentimes the story simply feels grafted onto the gameplay or vice versa instead of both being a homogeneous entity. In the wait for Bioware’s new MMO The Old Republic, discussions seem to flare up from time to time on the topic of making story an integral […]

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TOR: Bad Publicity has a new developer diary type video on the combat in Bioware’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. I said the other day that developers should only fear bad publicity from giving customers access to early versions of their games when those games are actually bad but I feel that publishing this video […]

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Single Player Stories in MMOs

Tobold says that implementing a single-player RPG like storyline into an MMO would be a huge mistake and predicts that Bioware are running straight into that trap with their upcoming The Old Republic MMO. The main difference, or so he says, between a single player game and an MMO is that single player games end […]

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TOR: Hell is Other People

A selection of game journalists was invited over to the Lucas Arts HQ in San Francisco the other day to get some hands-on experience with their upcoming Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. You can find a list of articles with the experiences of those journalists here. Aside from “revealing” two new classes (which had […]

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