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Quickie: Sometimes Blizzard Can Still Be Awesome

The following is “live” in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta. Apparently the new Maelstrom zone was not epic enough.

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The Best Expansion I Won’t Buy

I’m hardly greedy when it comes to coughing up money for MMOs. On the contrary, I try pretty much every promising MMO right when it is released and I’ve had no issues at all buying the last two expansions for World of Warcraft either (as collector’s editions no less). Now Cataclysm is coming up and […]

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Useful Achievements

Achievements have spread like wildfire in the world of gaming and are quite apparently here to stay. Me, I usually don’t like them at all since most of them are either trivial to get (You have found the jump button, achievement!) or require you to jump through hoops for no purpose other than to get […]

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The Crux With Elemental Systems

Elemental damage and its counterpart elemental resistance have been part of computer role-playing games for ages now and they keep on showing up even though they are actually quite bad design, in my opinion. Today I’ll step through a few different implementations of such systems, point out the issues and see if I can find […]

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Don’t Fix Everything

Game developers these days seem to have an urge to fix their game every time that players find a creative way to perform better than they should. Players are collecting a large amount of monsters and then kill them with area of effect spells? Clearly we need to put a cap on the amount of […]

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Quickie: Cataclysm? When It’s Ready.

Blizzard always had an “it’s ready when it’s ready” philosophy for its game releases, with the last World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King possibly being an exception. It seems as if they are back on track now though, as Blizzard’s Frank Pearce just alluded to in an interview with When asked […]

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Cataclysm Raid Improvements

I have to spontaneously leave for a few days and, professional as I am I don’t have a post prepared for Wednesday yet. Luckily, Blizzard comes to my rescue with a pretty nice announcement about raiding in World of Warcraft’s next expansion Cataclysm. Now, I’m still not convinced I’ll come back to WoW for Cataclysm, […]

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It’s not Blizzard, it’s You

Surely you’ve heard about That Retarded Horse, the new mount sold in Blizzard’s cash shop for World of Warcraft. For $25 (or €20) you get a purely cosmetic in-game pegasus mount – if you manage to make it through the queues that have reportedly been building in the online shop. Like Ixobelle (and many others) […]

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Making Matches

The people at Blizzard are the kings of april fools jokes and didn’t disappoint this year either. Their joke about the E.P.E.E.N. meter for World of Warcraft was well placed and equally well executed. One thing caught my eye though and that was their description of how the system allowed you to only play with players at […]

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MMO Home

If you are playing or have played an MMO, is there a place in that game that you would call home? Me, I’d have to say no. Sure, my hearthstone in World of Warcraft was always bound to Dalaran and I spent most of my idle time there, but that’s simply because Dalaran is the […]

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