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T’was Just a Matter of Time

I hate to say I told you so. (image: Blizzard)

So, pretty much exactly one year ago  I promised you the Blizzard Instant Messenger. Now, finally, Blizzard has come around to stealing my idea (and without even employing or paying me for it! Scandalous!) Sure, so far it is only for the iPhone and coming soon on Android, but I don’t see why they should shy away from a PC application. Though, knowing the marketing folks, it’ll probably be through facebook. Ah well.

The one thing that annoys me a bit about this development is that it will force me to run yet another instant messaging program. Trillian does a good job of combining the common ones, but with Steam and now Blizzard adding on their own proprietary systems I feel as if we could use some more standardization for sure. Also, the messenger doesn’t seem to have the cross-game features that normal Blizzard char has. And I have to pay for it. Still, the general direction is a good one.

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