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Worst Beta Key Ever?

The other day I got a mail from Curse (Who keep giving me complimentary premium subscriptions to lure me back in. Thanks guys.) prompting me to claim my Rift beta key.  Who am I to say no to participating in an MMO beta? Well it turns out that the key is slightly less useful than one would assume…

You see, the key doesn’t simply grant beta access as is common. Instead it “increases my chance of being invited.”

Wait, What?

That’s right, everyone can sign up for a beta account, but players are said to have a higher chance of being drafted if they have a beta key. Note that Trion Worlds does not mention how much higher this chance is nor do they offer us any shot at finding out whether there is any actual impact from adding the beta key at all. For all I know, the key might as well be 100% useless and a pure marketing stunt to get players to sign up for the beta (and get word about the game out there!)

Curse alone are handing out 50.000 keys, who knows how many more there are around the net. I doubt that even a fraction of those people will actually get to participate in the beta event. I’m not complaining about handing out beta invites randomly, that’s all fine and dandy. But don’t lure me with a “beta key” that is worth next to nothing. Yeah I’ll check out the game if I actually get into the beta, but my relationship to Trion Worlds doesn’t start on a good foot. I don’t like being toyed with.

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